Dharma.direct aims to propose an online Buddhist magazine, an associated newsletter, as well as the ‘safe space’ and communication tools to support transmission, friendship and debates between practitioners… including direct access to more experienced followers of the Eightfold Path.

With strong emphasis on privacy, transparency, and ethical speech (rejecting the fashionable confusion between “free speech” and a carte blanche for irresponsible, unfettered abuse), Dharma.direct's editorial strategy favours original content, from authors ready to engage online with their readers. Availability (to provide clarifications, to dispel confusions, to discuss, to accompany) is preferred over celebrity status.

The project as well as the authors are funded by dāna (donations), rather than by advertising or by selling your data to behemoths prone to mass surveillance through innumerable trackers.

It's “early days” for Dharma.direct… which means

  1. you might encounter bugs on the platform (please report any to contact @ dharma.direct),
  2. some expected features are not available yet (e.g. the abilities to search through the content, or to individualise the newsletter), and
  3. entire sections will arise later (e.g. on meritorious behaviour and on courses / retreats / cultivation —incl. meditation).

For now, the navigation bar only includes the inaugural issue of the magazine, and a section for conversations —hopefully in order to arrive at right view and right resolve (sammā-diṭṭhi, sammā-saṅkappa). The ‘livelihood’ part is temporarily redirecting to another site, to illustrate that it is possible to reflect on “right livelihood” (sammā-ājīva) in modern terms (and in affirmative, positive terms… for those inclined to follow Mahāyana schools). A link to join concludes the list:

While parts of the site are ‘public’ (or freely accessible), others require you to log in (to enable privacy-oriented features, e.g. most comments will only be visible to members), and some parts will require you to indeed join a logic of mutual support (and give, in wise accordance with your personal circumstances).

From the footer, the terms & conditions as well as a user manual, in particular, are available.

Suggestions and constructive feedback are welcome at contact @ dharma.direct.

So, I guess, now is the time to click on Join! and… Welcome!