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Dharma.direct aims to propose an online Buddhist magazine, an associated newsletter, as well as the tools and ‘safe space’ to support transmission, friendship and debates between Buddhist practitioners, the tools to support anyone's practice, and direct access to more experienced followers of the Eightfold Path…

At its inception, it's an individual effort by Denis Wallez, trying to gather authors and practitioners onto an empowering platform. Should this effort grow in magnitude, it's expected a different legal structure will arise.

The editorial priority of the magazine is to favour original content, from authors ready to actually engage online with their readers (from beginners to challenging seniors, alike), to favour education and dispel confusion.

Contrarily to commercial ventures and many non-profits, Dharma.direct does not require preconceived, fixed amounts to be paid to give access to its materials. However, donations within the reader's means (no matter how small or large) are encouraged, and some content or functionalities might become available to a given user only after some donation (possibly € 0.01 but not null).


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[See also detailed terms & conditions below]

Terms & conditions

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Permission to make digital or hard copies of all or part of this site for classroom use is granted without fee, provided that 1. copies are not made, or distributed, for profit or commercial advantage (neither directly —e.g. by selling a course based on the material— nor indirectly —e.g. by selling advertising space targetting the readers of the copied material), 2. copies bear the copyright notice and the full citation (including wesbite address, and name of the author(s)), and 3. only ‘public’ content is retained. The easiest way to ensure so is to load the desired page without logging in as a member, in which case the sole content visible will de facto be ‘public’.

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Privacy policy

You own all your personal data on Dharma.direct. As the owner, you can see, edit and/or delete this data.

Identification-related data is extremely sparse on Dharma.direct, since you're only asked to provide an email to become a member (yet you do not need to be a member to access public pages). You do not have to provide real name, age, gender or other personal data; you might do so voluntarily on your profile but this is not at the request of the site, and is not ‘processed’, in any way, by the site. There's one notable exception, though, if you donate; then, PayPal provides us with a payer_id (a unique number, which we do store, for the sake of tracking cash flows, and of helping us resolve quickly and simply any potential dispute).

The extremely vast majority of the data is visible, accessible and editable directly by yourself, via your profile page (accessible via https://dharma.direct/profile), notably via the “details” section at the bottom.

There 2 types of data not visible (let alone editable/deletable) via the profile are • the (time-ordered) list of distinct pages of the site you've accessed, and • the (intertwinned) list of donations you've made through Paypal. Nonetheless, this data can be provided to you, and modified/deleted, upon written request (address provided in the “about&hellip” section above).

All this data is kept solely for the purpose of providing the service on the site, it is neither shared with, nor sold to, any third-party.

You might request the deletion of your account and of all the associated data. Because there's no back-up, no mechanism to roll back, such a request will not be executed immediately, unless you do so in writing. If you request this online, via your profile page, then the request triggers a “cooling down” period of 24 hours. After such a duration, an email will be sent to you, requesting confirmation, and only upon confirmation will the deletion become effective. Note that if you change your mind after that, nothing of your past activity on our site will be retrievable, except your email address (strictly to prevent users from deleting and creating accounts repeatedly to abuse others with impunity).

With one notable exception, Dharma.direct does not use tools from Facebook Inc., Google LLC, their subsidiaries or any other internet-related company prone to mass surveillance (notably to target advertising). However, if you followed links to get to our site, then you might have left a trail while doing so that we cannot control. The sole exception is found in buttons from PayPal Holdings Inc., as PayPal is the service currently used to collect dāna, to pay hard costs as well as to distribute the dāna pool among authors. Most pages do not host such a button, so PayPal should not be able to track exactly which page you visit on our site, but PayPal might at some point know you're visiting the site. Note that, on occasion, PayPal uses ReCaptcha (from Google) — on their own site though, not directly on ours. PayPal's privacy policy is available, and Google's is available too.

Dharma.direct provides hyperlinks to other websites, and does not have control over the content of those websites, nor over their confidentiality policies, their use of personal data, use of cookies, or the way in which they collect, process and store that data. You're advised to check these, before using these sites.

Your data is stored in a SQL database, and processed, on a SimpleHosting (shared hosting) service provided by Gandi SAS. The selected server is located in Paris, France. Passwords are encrypted in such a way (state of the art encryption + random salt) that even direct access to the database will not allow to see them.