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The dāna pool is distributed among the authors of the magazine, based on rules described below. Such dāna is far from allowing a luxurious lifestyle, it is nonetheless a critical support to practitioners dedicated to studying in depth, and sharing/transmitting, the Dharma.

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The dāna pool (    ) is based on donations received (    ) reduced by hard costs (     domain, hosting, amortization, transaction costs…):

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An author's ‘share’ of the dāna pool is first and foremost based on weighted readership. In due time, the ‘weight’ will be based on collected feedback, but the mechanism for feedback is not yet in place therefore it's currently measured as the number of members (logged in) having accessed the article (by the end of the current issue of the magazine).

A priori, the share of the dāna pool for one article is proportional to the square root of weighted readership. However, this is subject to a maximum, currently at € 200 per article: any excess is redistributed among authors not having reached the maximum (details and example here).

If the dāna pool is large, then all authors get the maximum per article… and the leftover is kept as provision towards the costs, and the dāna pool, of the next issue of the magazine.

If there's a perpetual leftover, not only the maximum per article might be raised (to reflect the high value these articles seem to provie to the community at large) but also the funding of other projects might be proposed to members (subject to a vote, in due time).